Legos are arguably the best toy in the world, but they also have some real world applications. Checkout the sixteen really cool uses for Legos you might not have thought of before.

1.) Lego Heart Friendship Necklace

Lego Heart Friendship Necklace 2 Awesome Lego Ideas

2.) Lego Structural Repair

Lego Structural Repair Concrete Fillers Awesome Lego Ideas

3.) Lego Bed Design for Kids (and Adults)

Lego Bed Design for Kids and Adults Awesome Lego Ideas

4.) Teach Kids Fractions With Legos

Teach Kids Fractions With Legos An awesome educational tool for kids

5.) Full Size Building Made of BIG Legos

Full Size Building Made of Lego Actual buildings made of LEGOs Adults Awesome Lego Ideas

6.) Prosthetic Lego Leg for a Turtle

Prosthetic legs turtle animal friends Awesome Lego Ideas

7.) Lego Key Holder. Never Lose Your Keys Again

A custom key holder so you'll never lose your keys again Awesome Lego Ideas

8.) Epic Lego Cell Phone Charging Station

Lego an awesome cell phone charging station

9.) Simple Lego Smart Phone Holder

Simple Lego Smart Phone Holder Awesome Lego Ideas

11.) Computer Case Tower of Legos

A Lego computer case that you can build to your specifications ideas

12.) Pink Lego Cufflinks for Your Wedding Day

Cool cuff links for your wedding day Awesome Lego Ideas

13.) Night Light/Lamp for a Kid’s Room

Adorable Lego night lights for your child's room Awesome Ideas

14.) Lego Pet House

Nerdy Lego House houses your pets pet mouse rat

15.) BIG Lego Furniture

Sort-of comfortable Big Lego furniture for your home Awesome Ideas

16.) Lego Gift Box / Engagement Ring Box?

An adorable Lego gift box awesome idea for an engagement ring Lego box

17) Lego Clock

Lego Clock creative and awesome Legos ideas creations