It’s not January 1st, but I’ve got a weight loss goal. I think the title makes it pretty obvious.

My best friend Doug Baker is getting married on that day, and it will be the second time he and I stand side by side in tuxedos.

Unfortunately, the first time we were photographed in tuxes was at my wedding, and I weighed in at a whaling 260 pounds!

That was a year and a half ago. Today I am a much healthier 220. However, that is not good enough.

I’ve still got a stomach paunch, even if it is no longer an overhang.

The next pictures of me in a tuxedo will be much better!

I weighed in last night on my “official” gym scale, like the ones doctor’s offices use, at an even 220 pounds. I want to be 200 pounds by June 20th, which is the date of Doug’s wedding, and my tuxedo debut. If I averaged losing 2 pounds per week, that would put me at 200 in just 5 weeks, which makes my June goal very easy. However, it’s still cold and rainy making bicycling, my favorite workout, either miserable or impossible.

For now I have a standard workout regiment that I maintain at the gym.

I do all of my exercises in 3 sets of 15 repetitions, alternating between an arm and ab exercise. I don’t know all the technical names for the workouts that I do, so don’t make fun of my explanations below.

  • Start out with stretching, VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Incline Sit Up Bench alternate with Bicept/Tricep pulldowns/pullups on a weight machine (apiece of rope you pull on).
  • V-Ups (sit on bench and pull knees to chest while moving upper body forward) alternating with Lat Pull Down
  • Chair Leg Raises alternating with Bicept & Tricep bar
  • Leg Raises alternating with Chest/Back Weight Lift (semi-lay down on bench and pull weight up toward your chest).
  • Lower Back Raise (lean over padding and pull yourself up)

I think that covers everything.

Obviously bicycling is my cardio workout, which I will start doing once it warms up.

Eating right and going to the gym to do the above exercises Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings should get me there.

I hope to post pictures in the near future.

Good Luck with your weight loss!