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Is that your final question? It better not be! While the seven questions we have covered are all very important, if you do not keep asking questions and learning you will never advance. While learning may have been addressed in the fourth question, ultimately it’s the first question.

Keep learning… If you have followed along through all seven questions we’ve asked to further ourselves individually and our businesses then you have accomplished a great deal. However, my hope is that these seven will spur thousands of new questions in your life.

Enough, on with the show! Let’s look at how we can be remarkable.

How can this be remarkable?

Being remarkable can mean everything from a person sacrificing their life to save others or a company that starts operating environmentally friendly despite lost profits. The question is, how can you or your business be made remarkable? You ask the question, society will measure you.

Being remarkable distances you from competitors. Whether your competitor is another business in the same industry, or the person in a nearby cubicle. Operating in a remarkable way will set you above the rest in the minds of everyone. The company who decides to “go green” despite it hurting their profitability will shine to potential customers. Thus, whenever someone is ready to purchase the widget the newly green company sells they will be more likely to purchase from them instead of their non-green competitor.

If nobody knows about it, it is still remarkable. In the example of the company that started being friends of the environment, even if no one knows they are doing this, it is still remarkable. However, it’s vital that this be leveraged as an advantage and shared with the world. The lesson: Do the remarkable, then share, but don’t brag.

Why strive to be remarkable? It will take extra effort to be remarkable, but those that attain such a high status are guaranteed success. Consumers and employers will marvel at your worth and come looking for you. The time and energy it takes to be remarkable is no different than a farmer planting his fields. He will reap a crop, and you will reap the rewards of your labor.

Being remarkable will not be enough. Just like the previous six questions we’ve looked at together, figuring out what will make you remarkable, and then doing it is not enough. Bettering yourself and your business is going to be a continual process. A company that has gone green, will soon be faced with other companies joining the green bandwagon. Then being green will no longer be remarkable, but commonplace and expected.

You’re NOT Finished… Now that you have gone through all Seven Questions to Advance Yourself and Your Business, you have to keep on going. Continually ask yourself these questions. Setup a 6 month plan to go back, re-read these articles, or just write down the 7 questions and ask them again. It might dishearten you, but your work will never be done. Congratulations on completing this. Thank You for reading. Now get back to work! Just Kidding…

Just Be Remarkable!

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  1. What is Broken?
  2. What is Missing?
  3. What Value to Add?
  4. What Can be Learned?
  5. What is Enough?
  6. What can be Simplified?
  7. How can it be Remarkable?