Keep it Simple Stupid KISS

“[It is] much easier to conceive than to carry through, to abandon than to complete.”
Carolyn G. Heilbrun So, congratulations on almost finishing all seven questions! Pat yourself on the back, because only one question remains after today.

Self evaluation can be exhausting. It feels like it never ends. You can never stop looking closely at yourself and improving. But it is necessary, and completely worthwhile. In respect of today’s question, let’s dive right in.


How can it be simplified?

Keep It Simple, Stupid, or KISS, has been permeating every business since Grandma first told it to her little grand baby. Unfortunately, KISS has been merely a banner buzzword and few businesses, even fewer individuals, actually pursue this standard of simplicity.

Simple does not mean easy. The reason so few actively pursue simplicity is because being simple, is not easy. Trimming the fat from processes, procedures, activities and organizations is a daunting task, and few are up to the challenge. Those who will strive to be simple will see wonderful returns immediately.

Simple should mean better.The best machine has the fewest moving parts.” Taking the time to simplify your personal life and business will make both better. Look around:

  • What do you see that could be eliminated?
  • Do you have unnecessary clutter on your desk?
  • Is there an extra step you take every day that could be skipped?
  • Was there a phone call you did not need to make?
  • Did you write an email that could have been avoided?

Think about where time goes in a day.

  • What is wasting your time?
  • What is your time worth in dollars?
  • What could you pay someone else to do for you?
  • Could a Virtual Assistant help you with this?
  • Do you already have an employee or subordinate that might be able to handle this
  • task?

Do not delegate a task that should be eliminated. If you are receiving too many junk and fluff emails, then eliminate the problem. Do not have someone read your email. This will likely be the most difficult evaluation you do of all seven questions; however, it can easily be the most profitable.

Time management is the enemy of Simple. As stated above, delegating tasks that should be eliminated only wastes someone else’s time. You doing more in the same 8 hour day is not the goal here. Doing less and accomplishing more in the shortest time possible is the goal.

Time is more precious that Gold Time is the most valuable commodity you have. Value it as you would any treasure. My brother-in-law recently asked if I could make more money working an 8 – 5 job considering my portfolio and skills. My answer was unquestionably yes. But money is not as valuable as my time. Money can be spent and earned back. The time you lose every day will never be regained. Whatever you do with that time is up to you.

Keep It Simple Stupid Once you have whittled down every day to the barest essentials, do not allow complications to be created again. Now that your 8 hour work day can be completed in 4 hours, do not fill the extra four hours you gained with unnecessary stuff. Parkinson’s law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” You will constantly battle the demons of complication. Do not give up the time you have gained. Keep It Simple.

Figure out what you can eliminate, and Keep it Simple Stupid!

= =

  1. What is Broken?
  2. What is Missing?
  3. What Value to Add?
  4. What Can be Learned?
  5. What is Enough?
  6. What can be Simplified?
  7. How can it be Remarkable?