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If I have learned anything from Timothy Ferriss, Robert Kiyosaki or Michael Gerber it is that a business owners job is not to work in their business, it is to work ON their business.

The owner of a business should be thinking about how to advance the business. This does not have to mean adding more employees or products. This does not even have to mean making more money, but that is generally everyone’s goal.

Over the next seven days I am going to present you with Seven Questions to Ask Yourself to advance You personally and your Business. Today we will being with What is Broken?


What is broken?

Are there problems that need to be fixed which are hindering you personally, or your business? If so, assess those problems, the broken pieces, and fix them.

Too often businesses and individuals leave problems unattended. If you already know what it is, then fix it. If you do not think there are any broken parts, ask someone else, especially employees, for their honest opinions. More than likely there is at least one, if not many, things that need to be fixed.

Fixing what is broken in your life or organization can be a phenomenal experience. The sense of accomplishment even from fixing something small will energize and push you forward much faster than you were moving previously.

Actively search out broken pieces to fix. I much prefer the phrase, “if it aint broke, break it” to its counterpart. Complacency and Apathy are larger killers than automobile accidents or cigarette smoke. Do not take this to mean that if something is making money and working well that you should shatter it and start over.

Think about what could be fixed. Do not leave broken pieces until later. Ask employees, co-workers, friends and business acquaintances what they should could be fixed. Odds are they will have some good advice for you.

Give it a shot. Fix something today!

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  1. What is Broken?
  2. What is Missing?
  3. What Value to Add?
  4. What Can be Learned?
  5. What is Enough?
  6. What can be Simplified?
  7. How can it be Remarkable?