Pile of Gold Coins

Only two questions to go after today. We have passed the midway point, and are on the down hill ride. If you do not remember the previous four we have already addressed, they were, What is Broken?, What is Missing?, What Value can I Add? and What can I Learn?

We are switching gears today to look farther into the future. You have now evaluated everything you need to fix, everything you need to add, and everything you want to learn. Thinking about advancing yourself personally and your business has been on your mind constantly. Now, you need to start thinking about the final goal.

What would be enough?

You are still working on fixing all the problems, filling in the missing pieces, adding value to become more competitive, and gaining the knowledge to propel yourself, and your business, forward.

Stop thinking about everything, and focus on the very end. After all the problems are fixed and the holes are plugged, what are you going to do? It’s true that you will constantly have to better yourself and further your business, but you must ask yourself before you continue, what will be enough?

Think about your goals. As the business owner it is your job to think very long term. Here we are looking at when you will be content. Personally, I will be content when my web business is earning $3,000 per month. This does not sound like a lot of money to most people, but it’s all I need to do what I want to do.

How much do you need? What monthly income will it take for you to be fulfilled? If you are thinking no amount of money will be enough, then you need to stop and evaluate some things. Of course you have a budget laid out, right?, and you know how much your expenses are. How much do you need to have saved to retire when you want? Do you have children to put through college? Are you looking to get married, or possibly add children to your marriage? Or perhaps what will be enough for you is not a monetary total.

Enough of the intangible. You need to define success for yourself. If you allow the world to define it for you, then you will be forced to live up to their expectations, and only you will live with the results. I will feel successful when I no longer have to keep a W2 job working 8 – 5 for someone else. What about you? When will you feel successful? When you have more time for your children and spouse? When you can take off to travel the world for a month? When you can purchase that shiny new car?

Knowing when it is enough gives you a long term goal. Right now you are engrossed in running your business, or being the best employee possible and trying to keep your head above water in the personal realm. Look up from the immediate, and see the end of the road. Long term, attainable but lofty goals are your key to fulfillment and success. Having these goals which cannot be conquered in 3 to 6 months is very important. You must be both an Olympic sprinter and a cross country runner. Keep the short term goals to motive you right now, and keep the feeling of accomplishment as you attain them. But make sure you set the long term goals and keep your head up to ensure you attain what few others ever can.

Define success for yourself. I cannot stress enough how important it is to define success for yourself. That is why it’s being repeated. You must know what success means to you, and only you. No one else should tell you what success is. If a parent things you must have a “steady” job with great benefits and then you’ll be successful, fine. If a spouse thinks a new home will make you successful, fine. But only your opinion matters here. Only you should set this bar, because only you can jump over it.

Figure out when it will be enough, then achieve it!

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  1. What is Broken?
  2. What is Missing?
  3. What Value to Add?
  4. What Can be Learned?
  5. What is Enough?
  6. What can be Simplified?
  7. How can it be Remarkable?