Ellis Benus Web Design Columbia MO Missouri Website Designer and Web Developer in focusing on Search Engine Optimization and WordPress Development with My Beautiful Family 2022

My name is Ellis Benus.

I do Web Design and Web Development in Columbia, Missouri.

I have been doing web design for 20 years specializing in the WordPress CMS, xHTML Strict, HTML5 and CSS3 design.

If you don’t know what that means, perfect, I’m the man for the job!

My primary focus is working with Small Businesses and Individuals who struggle with technology and need someone who can speak English and not unintelligible “tech-speech.”

Feel free to look at my portfolio and resume to see a small list of works I’ve completed.

A Website is Your Face On The Internet. Make it a Good One.

Small Businesses, Sole-Proprietors and Individuals do not have thousands of dollars to blow on a website. Everyone needs a web presence today, and my goal is to provide you with that for as little money as possible. More importantly, after the job is finished I am still your man.

After the sale service

is just as important as before the sale. I work with all of my clients to make sure they keep their web pages updated with new content. The web is a very dynamic place and people expect to see your web site change often. It is not your job to make those changes.

My clients can send me emails with whatever they want updated, at no additional cost. Most of the time I receive emails with pictures and text and the request to, “please make this look good for me.” That’s what I’m here to do for you!

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me (info@FloatingAx.com).

(573) 777-8800