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This is my first post in the Ideas category after sharing how to Get Famous by Sharing All Your Ideas.

I present to you, my idea for a website which is the exact opposite of Stumble Upon.

Looking at what most people find interesting is great, but seeing the same article highlighting on 20 blogs is not that intriguing, and it makes you realize everyone is looking at the same content.

Just like the Compensation article from that obscure BlogSpot page, good content is out there but not being looked at.

My idea would be to create a Stumble Upon site that finds, watches, and shows lesser, or never, looked at web pages.

When you would Anti-Stumble, the sites you visit would be seldom seen, have few links coming to them, and might not post very often, but should have some good content. How would this crawler find good content? I’m not sure, it’s just an idea right now.

However, my reasoning for something like this is that Stumble Upon, Digg,, and the 80,000 other social bookmarking sites allow you to find what everyone else has already found.

Anti-Stumble Upon would allow you to find what no one else has, like an early day explorer! And who doesn’t like finding buried treasure.

Regardless, this is one of many ideas I’ve had, which I know I cannot act upon or create so here I am crowdsourcing it.

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