That took a long time for you, but I’m still writing from the first post. You know, because I’m in the mood and I can’t stop lest I derail my train of thought.

What could I have left for the third part of this be all the blogger you can be series? A list of tips to help you get those posts down, and make them the best you can write. Read on!

  1. Just write. Don’t backspace to change misspellings. Don’t stop to get a soda. Let your fingers fly.
  2. Avoid all distractions. I like to use to prevent distractions. This is a solid black background webpage, sporting circa 1980’s neon-green text. There are no buttons to press, no pop-ups to click, nothing at all to take away from number 1, just writing. Auto-hiding the windows task bar (can’t see the clock) and pressing F11 to maximize FireFox’s window eliminates almost all distractions.
  3. Don’t post. What?! “I want to be a better blogger, how is that going to happen if I don’t post?” What did I tell you in Part 2? Keep a buffer, right? I wrote all three of these parts in less than one hour. I did none of the formatting, none of the beautification or spell checking after writing. Write what you have to write, then leave it. How long you walk away from your work is up to you. Personally, I will most likely only leave this for an hour or so. Sit down, watch some TV or read another blog from the endless RSS pushouts. Then I will come back, re-read what I wrote, edit and check for spelling/grammar errors. After perfecting it, you can click the Publish button (WordPress), or whatever your CMS uses.

Do you remember your English teacher telling you not to write that paper the night before it was do, so you could edit it, or *GASP!* even have someone else read it before the final draft? Well, you’re out of high school (or if you’re not, do what I just said on your school papers and you’ll be the best writer there too). You will see the quality of your work skyrocket.

And thus concludes Part 3 of Be The Best Blogger You Can Be. Thank You!

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