A Third Way to avoid the bottleneck of social networking site users flooding websites.

Previously I shared how to use Google’s Cache to beat the DIGG and using Archive.org’s Wayback Machine to beat the DIGG.

Unfortunately, both of these are solutions to view websites, articles, etc that have been up for a while (interpret as days, or possibly months).

What if the article you are looking for is brand new?

The answer: RSS Feeds.

Recently Lifehacker.com and DIGG both posted links to MarcandAngel.com’s article 7 Clever Google Tricks Worth Knowing.

Intrigued, I tried to visit the site only to be greeted by a PHP error saying the site had exceeded it’s quota.

Wayback Machine did not have the article as it was too new, and Google’s Cache had the same problem.

What is a smart Web Reader to do?

Their URL – marcandangel.com – was plain from the DIGG and Lifehacker posts so I jumped into Google Reader, clicked Add Feed, typed in the URL, and Voila!

The article I was looking for happened to be the first post in the RSS feed. Enjoy!