We’ve all been there.

You click on an interesting article title Digg.com surved up.

But instead of this SO interesting website which you want to see, you get an error.
You know this is because DIGG users are flocking there in droves to view the site just like you.

I found a quick and easy way to beat this slow down, most of the time.

Recently I wanted to visit the site mangoorange.com to read their article “5 Reasons why you should use VirtualBox instead of VirtualPC or VM Ware” but I got errored out due to the quantity of traffic.

Instead of being patient, I jumped to Google.com and typed in “mangoorange 5 reasons” into the search engine. Quickly, I saw the page I was looking for and clicked on the Under-Used “Cached” link. Within seconds I was viewing their site and reading said article.

Google’s servers are FAR more capable of handling the traffic than any user’s hosting.

Next time the site you want to visit is buried by DIGGing try this trick for yourself.
Type in the domain name of the site, and then the beginning of the article title in Google.

Yes, it will ONLY WORK if the site HAS been cached by Google’s servers.