I really appreciate the articles the NRA News publishes, and their newest one is titled Schools Out On Safety.

“When you walk into a bank, you’re surrounded by armed guards, security cameras and silent alarms—layers of security measures. Go to a ballgame or a concert or a shopping mall—all protected by all kinds of security.

But if you walk into virtually any school in the country, you’d be hard-pressed to find ANY measure of security … in America, we protect our money, our offices, our shopping malls, and our stadiums more than we protect our children at school. Far more.”

How depressing is that?! My next favorite quote is:

The safest place for a deranged killer to go on a rampage is an American school.

Too True! Why is it that so many of these school shootings were so fatal? Because no one was allowed to be armed on the school grounds.

I do not have any children yet, but thinking about my little tykes in the future, I don’t want to have cops (obviously armed personnel) walking around the school campus. I would much rather the school system used an Air Martial style plan where gun carrying personnel were hidden.

Guns in school are a problem, and I would prefer to not have any present. But just like everywhere else in the nation, I want the good guys with guns because the bad guys will always have them.

What does everyone else think? Weigh in…