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Slow News Day.

I thought I would share what my work system looks like as I’m quite proud of it.

Twin 19inch monitors are the reason my screenshots look the way they do.

A suite of applications allow me to make my desktop look the way it does.

  • StarDock – What you see in screenshot two. This is a much more attractive dock than windows menu bar.
  • Firefox – Series of Addons and searching with
    1. FaviconizeTab – set to make all tabs FavIconized (small)
    2. Personal Menu – hide menus for larger screen real estate
    3. Stylish – set customized CSS documents for certain pages
  • Launchy – the best keyboard launcher. Eliminates the need for the Start menu and so much more.
  • Texter – all repetitive typing, coding, or whatever is defunct with Texter!
  • Writer by John Watson – an online word processor ( that’s all black with green text.
  • Windows Auto Hide – Since StarDock is so pretty, I set my windows bar to auto hide.
  • Windows Desktop – set the background color to black, and remove all your icons
  • Windows Icon Editor – Open Display Properties > Desktop Tab > Customize Desktop Button > Change Recycle Bin icons to “invisible” icons. Only the name will be visible.