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I’m just a happy customer wanting to share a cool product.[/box]

Bought an Eye Fi Wireless Wi Fi Camera SD Storage Card

Learning a while ago about the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Camera Storage cards got me really excited.
However, at the time, I didn’t really have a need for one.

Now with a bouncing baby boy (Update 6-10-2013 and girl!), a growing business and increasing social media footprint, the Eye-Fi was a desired purchase.

What does the Eye-Fi Do?

The Eye-Fi, like the small picture above shows, is a SD storage card with a Wi-Fi (wireless) radio inside.

Why would I want a Camera Card with Wireless?

  1. Because it’s awesome! šŸ™‚
  2. Because of Eye-Fi Direct Mode
  3. Because of Eye-Fi Endless Memory Mode
  4. Because of Eye-Fi Effortless Online Sharing
  5. Because of Eye-FiĀ Automatic Photo & Video Uploads
  6. Android and iPhone Applications
  7. Central Backup Location for all Pictures

#2 Eye-Fi Direct Mode Sealed the Deal for Me

Eye-Fi Direct ModeĀ can send photos & videos directly from your camera to your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

This was a huge question answered for me as we are not always at home with our home wireless connection.

The Eye-Fi card actually creates a wireless network your phone connects to no matter where you are.

I HATED that we had to wait to upload pictures to Facebook until we got home. Now we can do it anywhere in the world!

#3-#5 Eye-Fi Features are all Self Explanatory

Endless Memory actually copies pictures from your camera to your Wi-Fi connected computer and deletes them off the camera.

Effortless Online Sharing automatically shares to all your social media outlets or other photo websites.

Automatic Photo & Video Uploads provides you free online storage of all your media, for life!

#6 Android and iPhone Automatic Photo Backup

I would pay for this even without having an Eye-Fi card, but they make it an added bonus.

When we take pictures on any of our phones, the pictures are automatically uploaded to the Eye-Fi cloud storage (for 30 days) and are then downloaded to our local media machine, which is then backed up.

#7 Central and Automatic Backup for all Pictures from Every Device

Because all of our phones, and our camera, all automatically sync to our desktop computer, all of the photos are in one location. This makes backing up everything very easy.

I use MozyHome to backup all our files. I just had to add the Eye-Fi folders for photos and videos one time, and now every picture we take automatically gets backed up in the cloud!

Comparison Chart of the Eye-Fi Cards

Eye-Fi Card Comparison Chart