BumpTop Desktop
This technology totally needs to be combined with the Microsoft Surface and I would have myself a new desk, and PC!

However, there is definitely an issue with the stylus approach.

I’ve never been a pen / stylus fan as they have always proved to be more trouble than they are worth. However, I personally have definitely been thinking about the new age of desktop computing. This old 2D display regime is outdated, and frankly, not what I want anymore.

When I laid eyes on the new Microsoft Surface I immediately began thinking about having a new work environment. I would be able to ditch my desk, computer tower, and monitors in favor of the Microsoft Surface. My entire tabletop would be my computer. I would love this! I’m sure many others share the same sentiment; however, those others are most likely in my same water, devoid of the $10,000 needed.

Technology prices always fall in time, so we will see what the future holds.

I hope my future is holding a “computer-less” environment where my entire work surface is my “desktop.”