USA Network’s Burn Notice

“Agent, step into my office.”

That’s the way it began.
That’s the way it ended.

Working for an organization where you are unable to discuss “how your day was” became, and remained, my dream.

I worked hard, studied, practiced, trained. I spoke four different languages.
I could run a 5 1/2 minute mile, fire 1,000 rounds with unerring accuracy, hold my breath for 3 minutes, and solve a rubix cube while under live fire.

The perfect agent.

The CIA does not hire people. They take them; absorb them into a community where secrets are currency and conversations hold the tension of walking a tightrope. I loved it.

Four years working for the Agency.
Four years of zero mistakes.

One mistake later, and there are no more years.

The media constantly choked the air with conspiracy theories, lies, hidden documents, secrets, and corruption in the government. None of them could have been true. Reporters lie to get headlines and directors must sell movies. Never in my wildest dreams could I have conceived such horrible rumors could prove valid, and worse, that the stories were fairy tales compared to the truth.

One door, one sight, one mistake later and not only am I fired, I’m going to be dead soon.