Buying a Website Domain Name with Google Domains

In the above video we walk you through registering a domain name (URL) like for your business.

Having a domain name for your business, project or just personal use conveys professionalism and gives you a lot of options.

Website Address:

How do I Choose the Right Domain Name for my Business?

Woah you ask great questions! This will be a video we make soon!

Why Buy through Google Domains?

Google Domains offers a lot of features for free which others (*cough* GoDaddy) charge extra for, plus they always have very competitive prices. Typically a .com domain name will cost you $12 per year.

Google Domains gives you Free Domain Privacy which prevents anyone from finding your name, email or physical mailing address which you used to register the domain name.

They also offer free email alias forwarding so you can setup something like which will then forward to another email like This way you can put the domain email address on a business card to look really professional, rather than having a free or address showing.

Finally they offer free domain name forwarding, so you can point your domain anywhere. Read below…

What if you don’t have a website yet?

No Problem! After you buy a domain through Google Domains you can point it anywhere, for example a free social media account like

Floating Ax Technologies would love to help you get a website…

How can I send email using my domain name?

We have a really cool way to send and receive email using your domain name, like, for no extra cost. But that’s a topic for the next video!