Once or Twice a week you drag bags, boxes, or cans full of material thought to be useless to the curb or dumpster. Unfortunately, this material does not just disappear, it piles up in land fills nationwide. You can do something about this.

Get a group of people together who would be willing to recycle, setup compost piles, and possibly even garden. You can do it yourself, but the added accountability will help.

All of you could cancel your trash service and recycle all paper, plastic, glass, metal and other recyclable materials (view a full list here).

Then everyone could compost what could not be recycled. Egg shells, rotten foods, and more (view a full list here).

Finally, the pile left which cannot be recycled or composted is tiny in comparison to the plethora of “trash” you started with. Thus, instead of several bags bursting, waiting for the landfill, you might have a small Wal-Mart sack of truly useless trash, if you have anything at all.

You might not be able to cancel your trash service, as it’s usually not optional if you live in any kind of city. But you could definitely help the environment. The compost pile could really help with your garden. If you don’t have a garden, starting one is a great idea. Working with your hands and the earth to grow something is a wonderful, relaxing experience.

For those apartment dwellers, or renters who cannot till the soil, small flowerpots might be an option for tomato plants or other smaller above ground vegitables.