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Your Facebook Account Recovery Code Scam Emails

By |2022-06-30T11:35:26-05:00June 30, 2022|Web Design Columbia Mo|

Unless you just requested a password reset email to be sent from Facebook, never click on these emails to change your password. The emails says: "We received a request to reset your Facebook password. Enter the following password reset code. Alternatively, you can directly change your password." Beware of hackers and scammers!

Urgent Cyber Security Warning: Do NOT Reuse Passwords on Multiple Websites

By |2022-04-13T11:10:27-05:00April 13, 2022|Web Design Columbia Mo|

Do NOT use the same password on multiple websites! Hackers get your password from one website, then immediately try it on hundreds more. Below is a link to an article explaining the free software I use to only remember ONE password, but generate ULTRA SECURE passwords unique to each website.

Easily and Securely Share Passwords and other Private Information with Encryption with OneTimeSecret.com

By |2022-04-13T11:37:11-05:00January 5, 2022|Web Design Columbia Mo|

Do not just email, text or even send direct messages to people containing private information like passwords, credit card info, social security numbers, or any other content that needs to be secure. Use OneTimeSecret.com to securely send info!

The Next 10 Things to Fix Immediately in Your Website

By |2021-11-11T12:12:56-06:00October 19, 2021|Web Design Columbia Mo|

These are some of the most significant mistakes to avoid when you want to grab your audience's attention. Make sure you fix them immediately and see the difference. Or hire Floating Ax to handle everything for you.

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