CNET just posted an aritlce mating the title above, minus “CNET’s.”
That reminds me of The Rundown.

The Rock: “You know, back in the states, Brazil nuts like these go for 15 dollars a pound.”

Girl: “Well, those fell off the tree out back and here we don’t call them Brazil nuts.”

The Rock: “What do you call them?”

Girl: “Well, you’re in Brazil, so we just call them nuts.”

Anyway, that was frivilous, but the article is not. They cover:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Linkability
  3. Top-Level Domain
  4. Used URLs
  5. Site Age (if a used URL)
  6. Back Links (if a used URL)
  7. Blacklists Check
  8. Relevancy
  9. URL Length
  10. Potential for Legal Conflict
  11. Double Meanings

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