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Already got a Facebook Page? The next step is to personalized your Page with an unique Vanity URL. By default, Facebook assigns random number to the web address of a Page. However, you can choose to set a shorter and memorable web address for your Facebook Pages.

What Is Vanity URL?

Vanity url is the web address for your Facebook Page. You can customize the web address by selecting a unique username. Username is public and it will appear in the location bar of the browser after “” when someone view your Page.

Here’s How To Create A Facebook Page Vanity URL

1) Visit and choose a page


2) Choose a desired username for your page and check for its availability


3) A dialog box will pop up if your desired username is valid and available. Click confirm


4) Upon successful request, a dialog box will pop up to confirm your page username. Click ok.


What Are The Guidelines?

  • Usernames must be at least 5 characters long.
  • Your page must have at least 25 fans to establish a vanity URL
  • You can’t claim a username someone else is already using.
  • Your username should be as close as possible to your true page name
  • Usernames are not transferable and you can only change your username once.
  • Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (“.”).
  • Periods (“.”) don’t count as a part of a username. For example, forestvillesg, and are all considered the same username.
  • Your username must adhere to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

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