My wife and I went to a friend’s house one night and we were thinking about some fun stuff to do. Normally I always keep a deck or two of cards and an Ultimate Frisbee in my vehicle no matter where I go. But you can do a lot better by creating your own Entertainment Grab Bag.

From 2 – 20 People can Play

The following is a short list of activities which could occupy anywhere from 2 to 20 people. You never know how many are going to show up, so plan ahead.

Everything Fits in one quick to Grab Bag

Everything mentioned will fit into one regular sized bag. Whether it’s a back pack, cloth sack, or duffel bag is up to you. I prefer a duffel bag or back pack. You can zip everything up, and they are easy to carry. Just leave everything in your bag and whenever you leave the house, throw it in the trunk or back seat. You’ll always be ready for a good time.

The List:

Ultimate Frisbee Disc

Ultimate Frisbee ($10.00 at Wal Mart)

Anybody can throw a frisbee, and if you have enough people you can play a real game of Ultimate Frisbee! My favorite sport.




Two Decks of Bicycle Playing Cards

2 – 4 decks of regular playing cards ($5.00 anywhere)

There is almost no end to what can be done with cards. Google the rules to any card game you want to play, there are thousands! Or have everyone help build a huge card castle!

Uno Cards

Uno ($10 at Wal Mart)

Come on! Who doesn’t like Uno?


Twister Game

Twister ($20 at Wal Mart)

Take it out of the box, roll up the board and put it in your own bag.




Scene It DVD Game

Scene It DVD Game ($30 – $50)

You can buy any of the Scene Its: Friends, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc… Again, remove the board, pieces and cards from the box. Put the pieces and cards in a zip lock bag, or small box, and put them in your Entertainment Grab Bag.


6x Washers ($3 at hardware store)

Play the regular game of washers without having to lug around the huge wooden boxes. Just use a can or Tupperware from the house you’re visiting, and put it in the middle of any square you can make. Use duct tape, or a cookie sheet. You can even chalk one on concrete, or spray paint one on the grass!

CD Wallet

5 or 10 Good Movies ($10-$20 per DVD)

You might want to rotate this selection. It’s always a good idea to keep old favorites around, but keep some new-releases handy too. To save space and organize, get a small CD wallet and put your DVD’s in here instead of lugging around the jewel cases.

Any Other games that can be used for multiple people.

Be creative. Just think about what will easily fit in your grab bag, and go from there. If you start having to carry extra stuff, or even more than one bag, it will quickly become too much to manage. Just one bag will give you plenty to do.

A Little Over $100 = Big Fun

Add in new games as you think of them. Print off a few new card game rules and carry with you. Change the movies you carry. Most importantly, ALWAYS keep your Ultimate Entertainment Grab Bag with you and enjoy the fun!