Cow Manure Generates Electricity Diagram

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A Wired article about a Former McDonald’s Honcho Taking On Sustainable Cuisine by building Lyfe Kitchens, a new kind of fast food company, they mentioned the very cool Fiscalini Cheese Farm which powers itself entirely from the farm “waste.”

Sure, a fast food company that serves healthy food is cool, but this statement about Fiscalini Farms is WAY cooler!

Free Electricity from Poop

“A Modesto dairy farm called Fiscalini. ‘These guys are cool,’ he says. ‘They seem to be self-sufficient and entirely sustainable.’ Fiscalini has built methane digesters to process its daily harvest of cow manure and whey byproducts into biogas, which in turn powers a Spanish-built, 1,057-horsepower, V-12 engine, which in turn is attached to a 710-kW electrical generator. The result is that Fiscalini’s cows produce all of the operation’s electricity—and there’s enough left over to power more than 100 homes in the nearby community. ‘They put power back into the grid,’ Campbell says.”

Are you serious?! That’s awesome!

Not only does Fiscalini power their entire operation from waste, they even provide 100 homes worth of electricity back into the grid.

Get Paid to Poop

Any important note about providing electricity back to the electric grid is the power company is required by law to PAY you fair market value for said electricity.

Absolutely amazing!

I hope Wired does an article on Fiscalini farms and how more people can use poop to make power.