I purchased www.AutoHotorNot.com a few months ago.

This site will be a lot like the popular www.HotorNot.com but focused on automobiles instead of people.

My initial plan is to have a simple dark page with a single automobile image showing and 10 radio buttons for rating the vehicle.

When a user clicks a button to rate the vehicle, 1-10, then the vote will be logged and a new vehicle will be shown (jquery slide).

Initially there will be no log-in functionality, just the rating system.

Facebook Connect

In the future I want to add user accounts. The best thing to do would be use Facebook Connect and tie this website to Facebook so when people vote for automobiles they can publish their favorite to Facebook very easily, as well as login to AutoHotorNot.com with their Facebook ID instead of creating a new account on yet another website.

Update 9-2-2010:

Playing around with the jQuery plugin Cycle looks like it should be the way to go.

Here is a mind-map of how the programming on the site should work:

  1. A user loads the homepage of AutoHotOrNot.com
  2. jQuery loads/requests a random image from the database
    • Later this will be based on the user being logged in so they are not asked to rate the same image more than once
  3. The user must click a Radio Button (1-10) to rate the current picture
  4. When a Rating radio button is clicked:
    • The rating is logged in the database tagged with the image
    • A new random picture is requested from the database
    • The jQuery Cycle function is initiated to “slide” the image/rating bar off the page and a new one on
  5. That’s it. For now.

Update 10-14-2010:

Todd Boyd, a fellow Columbia College Web Developer, has decided to help me with this project.

Also, Joseph Lanham of Simple Sammy Designs is doing a logo.

Here is the Pseudo Code for AutoHotorNot.com: