I’m a huge lover of Roundabouts and after watching the video below,
I think I’ll be a big supporter of Diverging Diamonds as well!

I-70 Stadium Boulevard diverging diamond

Springfield, Missouri had the first Diverging Diamond in the nation in the Summer of 2009.

Since Springfield opened the Diverging Diamond seen a 50% reduction in crashes.

A diverging diamond reduces the amount of start & stop instances.

Springfield also had 2-3 mile traffic backups, which no longer happen.

The DD can move 650 cars per hour, per lane, where the traditional diamond interchange can only move half that much traffic.

The Columbia Stadium and I-70 Diverging Diamond should be complete before the Holiday Shopping Season in 2013.

Original Article: http://www.abc17news.com/news/modot-prepping-drivers-for-new-diamond-interchange/-/18421100/20789014/-/7qqhgt/-/index.html