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I have been reading the blog written by Chris for quite some time now. He has great content and continually updates his site.

Recently he announced another website he is launching, Revoluminary.

What is Revoluminary?

Chris shares what his Inspiration was for the new site.

On a dollar per hour basis, tutoring is about as lucrative a job as any for most college students…

That’s exactly what my friend Pete and I were thinking about a year ago. Landing a tutoring gig involved persistent advertising on classifieds boards and guerilla-esque networking to find friend-of-a-friend students…

Fast-forward to today, and check out the solution we’ve come up with on We created a site that allows students to essentially start their own tutoring businesses without leaving their dorm rooms. Here’s how it works.

If you are a college student wanting to make some extra money, or even a graduate who might be able to help out some who have not been so fortunate as to finish yet, read Chris’ article and checkout Revoluminary!

Update: Chris posted a comment saying he is not actually the one who launched Revoluminary. I appologize for any confusion, but please still check out this great new resource!