Do not just email, text or even send direct messages to people containing private information like passwords, credit card info, social security numbers, or any other content that needs to be secure.

Texting is extremely insecure and can be intercepted by nearby devices very easily. Email is a little more secure, but if you store that information and you’re hacked someday, you would be at risk for all the information you’ve sent getting out.

Messaging platforms that aren’t encrypted, Facebook, TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram, etc also store your information on their servers which can be hacked.

So how do you securely share private information with someone easily?


This is not a paid ad by or for them, I simply like this website as it makes it very easy for any of our clients to share information with us.

The site requires you to choose a Passphrase (password) and provides a text box for you to put in any text information. When you click the “Create a Secret Link” button, a temporary website address is made which you share with the person through any insecure platform you want.

The other person must have the passphrase as well, which is fine to share over any method, as the secure information is then deleted after a set amount of time.

The maximum lifetime of the encrypted text is 7 days, but you can go as short as 5 minutes. Obviously the shorter the better.

Start using this to share private information across the internet to keep yourself and your identity safe from hacking and other digital dangers.

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