No Billboards No Popus

I don’t know how it happened, but the end of the article I wrote about my desire to eradicate billboards evolved into my thoughts on ad blocking.

However, Web Ware’s post definitely put a different spin on it than the Web Worker Daily post in my article.

Web Ware actually said, “a few things are clear: Users of advertisement-skipping technology are essentially engaged in theft of resources… so while the ad-skipping may be immoral, it certainly isn’t illegal.”

Immoral? Very interesting.

Interpret interesting, as “freaking weird.”

While I do not have advertisements on my blog, if I did ad blocking would not anger me. While a few tech-savy people might tire of ads and block them, the majority of internet browsers will not. Also, the content on a blog is the real reason for it to exist. People reading the content I publish is the end goal, not the money from ads.

Whatever the case, I see no “immoral” action in stopping something from appearing on a personal computer screen. After all, it’s their machine.

For future reference, if ads do ever appear on this blog, feel free to block them at your leisure. FireFox extension Stylish is a great way to do so, not to mention the countless add-ons for ad-blocking exclusively. Stylish also allows you to modify pages in other ways.