Etsy Logo did a recent Profile on a, go figure,
young entrepreneur who sold her handmade crafts online.

The article mentioned, a website to “buy and sell all things handmade,” which I had never heard of before then.

How does Etsy compared to eBay?
Jenna Lou Dauer’s, the young entrepreneur, response was:

“People go to eBay to get something cheap and quick. And eBay’s listing and selling fees are ridiculous. You can’t compete with cheap imports. With Etsy, people are going there because they want to have a connection with who made what they’re buying. They’re willing to pay a little more for something they know is handmade.”

I love seeing young people starting businesses and making it in this world.
Not only is this an interesting young woman, but I thought many people might also be interested in this website focused on handmade items.

To read more about Jenna, she has a blog at