Slot machines have come a long way since their humble beginnings dotted around bars in the late 1800s. These rudimentary examples were incredibly simplistic, usually only consisting of 3 reels on 1 row, with prizes being rewarded as free drinks or cigars. Nowadays things could not be more different, especially as a result of the online slots explosion, something that has changed the face of the gambling world forever.

There are an unbelievable amount of titles on gambling sites like Slots Mummy one can play these days, and this is mainly down to technological advances that have made it much easier to become a developer. Software designers these days have so many options available to them, therefore resulting in online slots becoming better than ever. There are just so many features in the games of today, markedly different to the slots world of yesteryear. But what are some of these features? Let’s have a look.

Wild Symbols in Slots

Something you will find yourself face to face with in almost every online slot on the market these days are the wild symbols. These will differ from title to title, but it won’t take long for you to realise what icon it is that represents the wild symbol. Its affects also vary, however the most common thing is for wilds to be able to replace most other symbols on the reels, thereby opening up the possibility of some winning combinations.

Slot Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are also the province of pretty much every modern title on the market, and they are generally even more lucrative than the previously mentioned wilds are. This is because, in most games, landing a set number of scatter symbols will take you through to a free spin bonus round – we’ll get to what this entails next.

Slot Game Free Spins

Got lucky with the scatters did you? Well then, in most games you will find yourself straight through to a free spins bonus feature, and this is a setting that can be very good for the weight of your pockets indeed. The number of scatter symbols that appear on the reels will in most cases correlate to the amount of free spins you are gifted, and quite often these will also be multiplied by a certain amount too!

You know what that means don’t you? Oh yes, the free spins feature on most online slots is definitely where you will be making the majority of your big wins. For many gamblers this is their favorite part about the whole reel spinning experience, mainly because on a free spin you cannot lose any money!

Bonus Rounds

It is 2019 and all, so a huge amount of online slot titles also possess some pretty expansive bonus rounds. In order to get through to these you will have to land a certain number of a specific symbol, and once through the mechanics will differ from game to game. More often than not you will be given a choice of mystery boxes to pick from, with each hiding a different prize.