Frameworks for Designers by Jeff Croft is an article that was just Published at A List Apart.

This is a great article which discusses the benefits of creating a framework, “a set of tools, libraries, conventions, and best practices that attempt to abstract routine tasks into generic modules that can be reused” for web design.

Personally, this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. I currently have only one website I’m working on, free lance, but my goal is to do it full time. Thus, I need to maximize my time and efforts in relation to my revenue. Why re-invent the wheel, if the first one I made will work for multiple applications (not computer applications)?

One thing the article does not cover is the consistent use of the same tags and classes. I try to use the same DIV ID’s for every website I design. For instance, I make sure to use ID’s like section01, section02, etc… instead of leftnav, rightnav, center, etc… This allows me to create websites quickly and easily instead of having to think about my naming convention.

Jump over to A List Apart, it’s a great website with a plethora of good articles all dealing with web design.