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Dumb Little Man introduced me to the Keyboard Germ Analyzer from JustSayHi.com

A little research revlead JustSayHi to be an online dating site, but it has a great section of “cool stuff to stick on your blog.”

You can embed the Keyboard Germ Analyzer along with:

  1. The Death Report – Who Died on Your Birthday?
  2. The Body Battery Calculator – How Much Electricity Does Your Body Produce?
  3. The 2007 Internet Quiz – How Much Do You Know About the Internet?
  4. What’s Your Blog Wanted For?
  5. How Addicted To Blogging Are You?
  6. What’s My Blog Rated? Find Out Your Film Rating
  7. The Cadaver Calculator – How Much is Your Body Worth?
  8. The Blogger Spelling Test – Find Out What Words You May Be Misspelling
  9. What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?
  10. How Many HTML Elements Can You Name in 5 Minutes?
  11. How Many CSS Properties Can You Name in 7 Minutes?
  12. Could You Pass 8th Grade Science?
  13. How Addicted to Coffee Are You?
  14. The Geek Quiz