Ladies and Gentlemen!

*tympani drum roll reverberates*

For 1 year Glaxton has existed on Red vs Blue.
For 1 year he has greeted people
( actually like 8 months but whatever ).
For 1 year you have not know where his name came from.

*cue the overly dramatic music for a not so dramatic situation*


Ok, Ok, Ok… it’s not that big a deal…

However, I thought I would share where my name came from.

Close to 4 years ago now, I started playing Dungeons and Dragons. A friend of mine had been telling me about it for a long while and said he had not played for years. I bugged him about it until he bought some 2nd Edition books and started explaining it to me. I read the PHB cover-to-cover like 3 times before we even played.

My first campaign was with a group of guys which included my two friends on here Doug – dougieb5000 and James – SuperMan98. We played every Saturday night, about 8 of us, from 5 or 6 pm until 12, 1, 2 Sunday morning.

That was not enough to sate my appetite. So I requested my friend, and DM, to play in a campaign with me with him playing as DM and a character, and me as a character. I also wanted to use this as an opportunity to try my hand at DMing, which I never did.

I rolled up a human fighter, as my first character Elofindel Ian had been an elven magic user. I don’t know how many of you remember the picture I showed of Elofindel being up on my journal until Todd Lockwood ( the artist whose pictures I used to create him in photoshop ) requested I take it down… That was Elofindel.

Anyway, there was a lot that was special about this fighter. I rolled REALLY well on my starting cash so I had quite a bit of money to burn. I decided before I started playing him that I wanted to deck him out. I’m a bit weird in my D&D play. I concentrate a lot on the aesthetics / looks of the character when most other people only care about the bonus their armor has.


I bought him a Black Charriot, and a pair of Black Stallions. The Charriot, the horses’ blankets, and my armor were all black trimmed in gold and purple. My helm sported a Spartan style plume of gold and purple. My horses also sported Spartan style plumes of gold and purple. My shield was black with gold and purple trim, as was my sword. I even bought dice which were black, purple, and gold. ( maybe I can get a picture sometime soon )

Unfortunately my DM just shook his head at my “foolery” and “obsession” with the aesthetic and never paid any mind to all the work I put into his decor. Tragically we only played these characters once or twice and Glaxton dissapeared
back into my D&D folder after only reaching 2nd level.

Months later, I discovered Halo 1.
My first instinct was to revive forgotten Glaxton.
I created my profile as Glaxton on every xbox I played Halo on.
I use the Phoneix of blue and white ( instead of gold and purple ) for
my avatar always in honor of his rebirth.
I continued him into my Halo 2 days.
And 1 year ago I created this profile on this Halo based
website, and the only name that could fit such a profile for me was…

G – L – A – X – T – O – N