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Google Labs released a great FireFox Extension called Google Browser Sync.

This is an awesome little add-on which allows you to Syncronize your:

  1. Cookies
  2. Saved Passwords
  4. History
  5. Tabs and Windows

across as many installations of FireFox as you have Google Sync installed on.

Not caring to have my passwords, cookies, or history transmitted across this application (not that Google is anything short of secure) I opted for Bookmarks and Tabs & Windows only.

When I leave work, I close my FireFox with multiple tabs open, fire up my laptop at home, Google Sync gives me a window asking me if I want to restore my tabs (much like FireFox’s built in Session restore) and I keep on plugging.

Any bookmarks I add to my work machine, immediately appear on my home machine. Grrrreat!

The single draw-back discovered, is that you cannot have two iterations of Google Sync running simultaneous. Therefore, you cannot leave that home FireFox session running and open FireFox at work. The Syncing will not operate.