Google announced it’s new primary search initiative called Google Instant.

Now, in instant-enabled browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 8) not only will Google auto suggest as you type, but it will also automatically start loading the search page. Watch the video below for more information.

If you’re a website owner, then read on below this video.

Google Instant will Change your Analytics

Google Webmaster Central’s blog also published the effects Google Instant will have on Analytics.

Website impressions are going to increase, but this will only mean that your results showed up momentarily in the listing.

No longer does this mean your organic search result will sit on a page while a user scrolls.

Your listing might appear for a millisecond while a user continues typing and narrowing their search.

Google Instant is already working on Chrome for me, and will definitely make searching faster.

Only time will tell how it affects website owners and content creators.

Website Magazine Chimes in about Google Instant

Google Instant Keyboard Shortcuts: