Google announced that they will now allow you to log into multiple accounts.

Now people (like me) with more than one Google Account can switch back and for easily without added software or trickery.


If you have multiple Google accounts, tying them into this multi-account switching might just make it easier for Google to tie all these accounts together and thus, tie you together to all of them.

I love Google. There is no hiding that.

But if you have a reason to keep your Google accounts separate, take that into account before using it for multi-account switching.

Lifehacker Shares:

  • You can sign into a maximum of three accounts at once.
  • The first account you sign in with when you’re setting up multiple sign-in will be set to your default account
  • You can’t use Offline Gmail or Calendar with the multiple sign-in feature.
  • Multiple sign-ins only work with these Google apps—that is, Google App Engine, Code, Calendar, Gmail, Reader, Sites, and Voice support the multiple sign-in feature. Most notably, Google Docs isn’t yet supported, but it’s marked as coming soon.

Unofficial Google blog Google Operating System also notes that multiple sign-ins aren’t supported on mobile devices and that the GCal gadget doesn’t work with it (yet, at least). We’re not seeing it in our accounts yet, but if you have better luck, let’s hear how it works for you in the comments (and send us some screenshots if you’ve got ’em!).