Google Massage

Timothy Ferriss introduced me to TaskRabbit in one of his random videos with Kevin Rose (the inventor of Digg).

Tim Ferriss is an advisor to TaskRabbit.

Apparently, according to, Google is giving credits to their employees for TaskRabbit which will allow them to get any odd job done they desire.

TaskRabbit is a really cool service that allows you to hook up with someone through the website to do an odd job. You post the job you want done which can be as simple as “bring me a cup of coffee,” and then put a price tag on what it’s worth to you.

Someone on TaskRabbit sees the job posted and accepts it. When the job is completed they are paid.

Here is Kevin Rose (inventor of Digg) and Timothy Ferriss talking about a lot of stuff, but he mentions TaskRabbit in this episode. Heads up, there is some profanity.

Link to Tim F’s site with this episode.