Fuel Pump that is.

My 1978 Silverado’s fuel pump was leaking pretty bad, so $42 later it’s got a brand new pump and rubber lines.

Pump: $21
Rubber hose, Brass fittings and Clamps: $21


Here is the pesky old fuel pump I removed which was leaking. Unfortunately the metal fuel line which connects to the carburetor was too stuck to unscrew from the pump. Thus, I had to replace the metal fuel line with a new rubber one.

Here is a close up of the frustrating fuel line fitting which would not unscrew. Penetrating oil and Vice-grips proved an un-worthy adversary for this little fitting!

New hardware! 5 feet of rubber fuel line, two brass fittings and four hose clamps.

Close up of the brass fittings. These things are nice, but at $7.50 a piece about gave me a heart attack. One goes into the new fuel pump and one into the carburetor.

New fuel pump installed. No lines hooked up yet, and the old one needs to be removed.

The carburetor. No lines hooked up yet.

The carburetor with the new brass fitting to make sure it would thread up right. I put the fittings inside the hoses and tightened the hose clamps before screwing them into place.

The brass fitting screwed into the new pump, and the old line (an inch too short) in the picture.

These fittings are super nice. Double flared at the end to make sure the hose doesn’t work its way off (and makes it tough to get it on in the first place). Hose clamp just for extra measure.

He’s ready for his close up Mr. DeMille.

The hose on the fitting, clamped down, and screwed into the carb. You can see the line is routed between the alternator and the alternator bracket, then down to the fuel pump. Hopefully the alternator won’t get too hot and melt my rubber hose.

The fitting screwed into the fuel pump.

A close up of the fuel pump and line.