After we have our big garage sale next week, I need to do a home inventory of all our posessions to give to the insurance agent.

Also, I need to document the money I have put into my 78 Silverado for insurance purposes.

Update 10-14-2010 – Use the App: introduced me to the Mobile App which allows you to photograph an item, and then Amazon should recognize what it is. This sounds a heck of a lot easier than making an Excel spreadsheet with photos.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work:

  1. You snap a picture of any product.
  2. The app uploads that picture to Amazon’s servers.
  3. If it can, Amazon identifies the product and provides a link to it at Amazon Remembers (you have to be logged in). Amazon uses a combination of automated recognition software and real people to identify the items in the pictures you snap.

This would be great with my Data Plan Agnostic HTC Evo when I get it.