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You cannot put a price tag on the memories in the digital photos you’ve taken or the amount of work you’ve put into the files on your computer. Get mozy and never worry about losing anything again.

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You’ve seen the Mozy Commercials:

Did you know the blond girl is Justine Ezarik of IJustine.tv?

  1. A laptop ran over by a lawn mower.
  2. A laptop getting microwaved.
  3. A flaming stove landing on a microwave.

How do I use Mozy?

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Seriously, I love this service.

MozyHome is the best deal at $50 per year (or $5/month) for an UNLIMITED amount of data backup.

This is a per computer license. However, my setup allows me to backup every document, from every computer we own using one license.

Basically we have a headless (no monitor) computer sitting in a corner hooked up to the network.

This computer acts as a file server for us and we store all of our files on it. Then Mozy backs them all up.

My wife and I both have laptops, and we make sure not to store any data on them, but to save everything to the server.

Mozy just runs, and backs everything up we have. Currently my MozyHome account is holding 250 gigabytes of files.

Awesome Features of Mozy

Backing up an indefinite amount of data for only $50 per year is pretty awesome, but there is more.

1) Mozy is the fastest backup I’ve ever seen.

The initial backup of ALL your data is going to take a while. Everything depends on how much data you have. My first, initial backup took almost 5 full days of running. Yes, 120 hours of constant uploading. But, I was also backing up triple digit gigabytes of information.

After your initial backup, Mozy is insanely fast. The software does incremental backups, which means they only backup the parts of files that have changed, and new files.

2) Multiple Backups per Day

This is another feature I absolutely adore. You can set the Mozy software to backup when your computer is idle, so every coffee break becomes a save point for all your work throughout the day. Or, you can also click the “Backup Files” button any time during the day.

For example: when I start a new website project, after I get an hour or so into the the project, I’ll tell Mozy to backup everything so I don’t lose my work.

3) Restore files from 30 days ago & from any time of the day

Mozy only charges you $50 for a year to backup everything.

You can’t even buy a 500 gig hard drive for that right now.

But on top of that, they keep your files for 30 days.

So if you delete a file off your computer, Mozy won’t delete it until 30 days later. If you decide you needed that file after all, just restore it and you’re back in business.

Another of my favorite features ties into the fact that Mozy can backup several times during the day.

You can restore from ANY of restore point throughout the day.

Best Example: I start a web design project. An hour into the project I back up all my files. Two hours later, I completely screw up a file, or delete something, and I can’t undo it. All I have to do is restore the file from earlier that same day, and I’m up and running again. Awesome!

4) Easiest Restore Option & “Restore” files from Anywhere!

To restore a file, all you have to do is right click inside the folder the file was in, select from your Context Menu “Restore Files Here” and you’ll see Mozy’s backed up version of that folder in a new window. Just select the file you want to restore.

You can also do the same thing through the installed software on your machine, OR you can do it all online!

You can use Mozy to “restore” files from anywhere in the world to any computer in the world.

For Example: If I’m across the world on a foreign computer, instead of having to carry all my files on a thumb drive, if I need a file, I can use the online portal to see all my files and choose which ones I want to download. Mozy takes a few minutes but will send me an email, and I can download any and all files I want.

This is an incredibly useful feature!

Get Mozy Now!

You have thousands of pictures on your computer, tons of files, and you will be devastated if you lose them!

Think of all the memories locked into those photos and the work time in those files.

$5 a month or $50 a year is dirt cheap to have a backup of all your files in a place they will never get lost or damaged.

Get Mozy today!

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