Transfer a Domain Name from Google Workspace to a Personal Gmail Google Domains Account

Reason: The main reason for doing this is if you are switching from Google Workspace to a Website Hosting service which gives you Email. At Floating Ax, our system is to use personal gmail accounts and set them up to send and receive using domain emails which saves our clients money. However, that’s not always the best approach, especially for larger businesses.

Warning: Transferring a domain away from Google Workspace might break your Workspaces Emails and Account. It’s best to do this if you are leaving Google Workspace for another service.
Transferring to another registrar: If you are just moving your domain from Google Workspace to another provider, then you can follow the normal procedure of just unlocking the domain name and getting the transfer code.

Cancel Domain Subscription under Google Workspace

Before you can transfer a domain from Workspace you must first cancel the Domain Subscription in your Google Workspace account.
This is under Billing > Subscriptions
You will see your domain name subscription, click on it then click Cancel Subscription

You don’t need to Transfer the Domain to Google Domains

After you cancel the subscription you can go to Account > Domains > Manage Domains OR while you’re signed into the Google Workspace Account (not your personal gmail account yet)
You will see your domain. Click Manage.
On the left click on Registration Settings
Scroll down to Users > Domain permissions
This is why you must Cancel your Domains Subscription under Google Workspaces first, because you cannot modify the Domain Permissions to include a personal gmail account until you’ve cancelled the subscription.
Now you can click Add User and type in any personal gmail account you want.
That gmail account will now be able to go to and manage the domain name from there.
You can now delete your Google Workspaces emails and account if that’s what you want to do.