Cluttered Garage

As a staunch minimalist, I cannot help but be appalled by the state of most American’s garages. With no statistics to back this up, I would say most Americans own at least a one car garage, if not a two, and the majority of those cannot get a single car inside. Unfortunately, my house is the same way. I’m working on building a bike rack complete with pulleys to raise my wife’s and my bike off the floor and out of the way.

The first, and best, way to organize your garage would be to get rid of anything you don’t absolutely have to keep. Personally, old mattresses, 10 CRT monitors, an old piece of furniture, some landscaping pipe, and more are cluttering our garage. The mattress is getting thrown away, the monitors are getting sold or donated, and the piece of furniture is supposed to return to its original owner.

But what do you do with all the stuff that’s left over? Gardening tools? Regular tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, etc…)? Kids toys? The things which really do belong in a garage, but are still cluttering up the place.

My first approach is to get a small out building for things like my lawn mower, the landscaping supplies, etc…

However, some garage cabinets might also be a nice way to go.

Garage Cabinets

Whatever you do, start by pitching all the crap you’ve got. Then organize the remaining non-crap into whatever will clean the place up the best, and make you the happiest with your garage. With winter coming up, you (and I) are going to really enjoy having your car in that garage you’ve been unable to use for years.

Rest assured you’ll be satisfied with a cleaner garage, and that you won’t be scraping off your windows like everyone else who can’t fit their car in their garage!