• You’re frequent the internet…
  • You’re reading blogs, online news, RSS feeds, & more…
  • You’re trying to be a productivity guru, eliminating useless material…

I’ve got one more step for you: Read articles in their “print” view.

Most content management systems (CMS’s), blog software, and most webpages have Print page options. The print page is generally a separate CSS document removing nearly everything from the page, except the content.

Usually the page is unrestricted in width, so those with larger monitors gain the benefit of no text restricted via the webpage’s design.

Flash ads, and most banners do not appear on Print pages.

Page numbers, and “next page” buttons do not exist on the Print page. The article is presented as a long page with all content in one place.

This is a new practice I’ve adopted to make my reading an uninterrupted process. No ads in my face, no clicking next page buttons, just long pages of sweet content.

If no print link is visible on the page, simply use File > Print Preview (ALT > f > v – FireFox keyboard shortcut).

Try it with the next page you’re on.