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Mike Holmes on Homes is currently my favorite guy and my favorite show.

His plumber on the show is amazing and introduced me to a new system being used in construction called a Plumbing Manifold.

This is a system that runs independent PEX (plastic) lines for hot and cold to each location you need water.

Manifold Plumbing System

The manifolds cost around $200 and the PEX pipe is around $40 for 100 foot section.

This system is superior to, and cheaper than, traditional fixed copper or PVC pipe.

There are only two connection on the system, the connection at the manifold and the connection at the outlet. The outlet could be an outside water spigot with just cold water, or a sink, bathtub, toilet, etc. This guarantees that there could only be two points of failure, or leaks, in the system for each line. As opposed to multiple points of failure being possible with fixed piping that must have several joins and bends.

The PEX pipe also will not rust or corrode.

Whenever my wife and I build our own house, or if we ever remodel a home, I have got to have one of these!

Moreover, while it’s not recommended for most homeowners, I’m fairly confident I could run all of the PEX lines myself to the correct locations and save money to pay a professional plumber just to do the complicated work. Just like I recommend running your own networking and TV cables and letting a licensed electrician do the connections.

Save you money all over the board.

Finally, I desperately want a tankless water heater as well!