Just a few days ago I found PayPerPost.com or PPP for short. I love to write, and I started my first blog on Blogger.com 3 years ago. It’s still there, and says the first post I made was on September 30, 2004.

I created this blog, ERB Tech, when I created my hosting. Setting it up with WordPress was a snap, and gave me exponentially more control over my content and setup. I have been adding to it ever since.

Only recently did I think about writing for money. I’ve always fancied myself a decent writer. You can judge for yourself by reading through some of my past posts. PPP has given me the opportunity do something I love, and will hopefully be getting paid for it.

This is actually my first post, with many more to follow, so I have not garnered any income, yet. I plan to. PPP’s website says that a person is allowed to take three opportunities per day, and I plan to max that out every day.

If anyone is interested in checking into this great opportunity, just click either of the links below.

Thanks for reading!