Share Your Ideas Just Do It

You do not have to be the first to come up with a great idea.
You do have to implement that idea better than any one else.

Don’t worry. Implementing ideas for you should be easy.

You are already above average, most likely in the top 10% of the U.S.
You are an avid reader, likely of both blogs and off line material.
Ideas come to you as you see things in life.

Don’t Overestimate the Competition

Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me then you just figure someone else who is smarter, richer, or faster than you has already thought of and completed the idea.
Timothy Ferris in his book The Four Hour Work Week made a great observation.
To paraphrase him: You don’t have to be the smartest, richest or fastest. Most of the time you just have to show up.

Showing Up is Critical

Whatever that idea of yours is, you just have to show up to get it off the ground. If it’s a great website you want to create or the next generation automobile fossil-fuel slayer, just working on it consistently will get you somewhere!

Nike has a great slogan. “Just Do It!”

To get your ideas realized into the tangible you need to “Just Do It!”

Timothy Ferris also talks about how people are quick to stop someone starting a new project/idea/goal, however, people will seldom get in the way of a locomotive. Be that fast moving vehicle on unyielding tracks. People will get, and stay, out of your way right up to the point of completion. Then they will say they had confidence in you all along. You know better, but you don’t care now, because you “Just Did It!”

Start Small and Build Steam

Dave Ramsey’s plan to tackle debt starts off with killing the smallest debts then working up to the largest ones. You need to do the same thing with your ideas/goals/dreams. Find the lowest hanging fruit and “Just Do It!” Then, when your confidence is soaring move onto the next, larger and harder, project. Continue with these “highs” of completion and watch your train steam forever forward!

Give it a shot right now!

Have you wanted to write a blog article and have been waiting? “Just Do It!”
Have you been delaying a phone call? “Just Do It!”
Have you been waiting to send an email? “Just Do It!”
Have you wanted to learn something? “Just Do It!”

Whatever your situation, you’ve got no more excuses.

Don’t ask permission (unless it’s illegal or immoral then don’t do it!)
Just go do it right now.
People will be amazed at your accomplishments and will hinder you less and less.

Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor!

p.s. If you’ve got an idea you want a sounding board for, email me at or leave something in the comments. I would welcome a guest post for the Idea category on this blog to share it with hundreds of people! Don’t question whether you will be mocked if you share your idea here, or anywhere else. “Just Do It!” and send it in!