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We all need good Online Backup. (So use Mozy.com)

If you do not currently have an online backup solution, you need to look into it immediately.

I used to think I did not care if I lost my data, and you might currently share that opinion. Then a fatal hard drive crash occured, which wiped out over 100 gig of information. The only backups I had were over 6 months old, and held on over a dozen CD’s. It was nearly impossible to recover, and I’ve backed up my data ever since.

If you own your own business, you CANNOT AFFORD to lose data, and doing a constant backup of your files online is one of the most affordable, and best ways to go.

IDrive-E provides encrypted online backups for FREE up to 2GB. Unlimited storage will cost $4.95/month. It is easy to use, fast and secure.

As a web designer, data backups of my files, and client’s files, are crucial. Don’t wish you had backed up later. At least take the time to fill 2gig worth of important files on IDrive’s free, and secure, servers.

No one ever cares when things go wrong, it’s when the solidified waste hits the oscillating device that people start freaking out.