I came across a handy website which offers online filing service to start corporations in all 50 states. The name of the site is INC Paradise. As I’m getting started in Web Design I have had to start looking into options for creating a company. To begin with, I’m just going to set up a Sole Proprietorship as I have no liability to speak of being a free lancer. However, whenever I start growing and looking into hiring other people to work with me, and possibly needing business loans, an L.L.C. will probably be my best bet.

The site has a F.A.Q. covering the differences between entities like an LLC, Corporation, S-Corp, S-corp. and so on.

Also, there is a page which will help suggest which business structure might be best for you, and your new business.

Information for incorporation in all 50 states is readily available and easily accessed. Check out their pricing list for details.

Their cost of only $89 + state fees for doing all necessary paperwork to start a corporation in any state is incredibly reasonable. I worked for a lawyer for a short period of time, and set up several L.L.C.’s and I can guarantee you would be looking at spending well over $1,000 to do what they are offering for a few hundred.

INC Paradise also offers an affiliate program for people who want to work with them to make commission on incorporation services. You can read about that on their Opportunities Page.

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