Yesterday InformationWeek talked about Cooling and Quieting Classrooms with Linux.

Today they tackled the ever present discussion:

Which Linux Distribution do I use?

Note: if the above page looks strange when loaded it’s due to my post How to Read Online Without Distraction where I share how I read articles online using the “print” view. In most browsers you can increase the size of the text to reduce eye-strain and the print view gives you much more screen area to do this.

The car metaphor works great here, there is no one Car, just like there are many distributions of Linux.

Choosing which one to tackle the installation of on your machine is always tricky.

InformationWeek touches on the big players including a big, little player and one of my favories, D**n Small Linux.

Recently I setup a dual boot on my laptop to run Ubuntu.
Unfortunately, every time I come to the GRUB boot loader (how you choose which operating system to start up) Windows keeps getting selected. However, I’ve been trying to set aside some time when deadlines are not so critical to start working on the Linux partitioned space.

Good Luck.