Well, I am a good ways into the school year and I am about to loose my mind. I am so busy I almost cannot believe it myself.

I got a new job working in June for a not-for-profit agency titled S.E.R.V.E. & E.N.T.E.R. Obviously these are acronyms for something. SERVE is Sex Equity Recources for Vocational Educators ENTER is Education for NonTraditional Employment Roles All that is summed up in one office. Jack is my co-worker, and co-hort in crime here, with Judy as our boss. Another, older, lady also works with us who comes in of an early morning and takes care of sending out many of the books and videos that are a part of SERVE’s library that we have. Jack is a Journalism major who also enjoys playing the drums ( ROCK ON! ) He and I get along quite well. We enjoy working together, and it has been a blast so far. We both have good senses of humor and have fun doing the job. Basically we do a lot of desktop publishing. I hope to have a website soon where I can post all of the brochures, posters, and the calendar that we have done. We are just starting the Breaking Traditions contest which is for students who are studying to work in nontraditional roles for their gender. Such as a male that is in nursing or a female that is in construction. I love the job and the atmosphere.

To add to my pile I just got approved for a work study program at school. I will be working under the Faculty Technology Coordinator ( even he doesn’t know what that means ) to teach other professors how to use Microsoft Front Page and make / maintain their webpages. I have not started this yet, but it should be any time. I am also looking forward to this.

School stacked on top of this has just made everything crazy. My homework load has been tremendous this sememster. But I like to say that: ” It is better to be busy, than bored! ”

Then, the last major adition to my schedule, is that I joined an Ultimate Frisbee league that plays every Sunday at 2:00. I am SUPER PUMPED about this. I love Ultimate Frisbee as almost anyone can tell after knowing me a short time (and most people know that playing frisbee around me can be dangerous because, for some reason, someone ALWAYS gets hit ) – Sorry Bro. Rivera!!!

James (my roomate) and I are now living in a duplex in El Chaparrel, which is interesting because this is now the fourth house I have lived in which is in that neighborhood. We enjoy the extra space compared to our old appartment. However, we seem to be lacking in the furniture department. Randy was kind enough to offer us another recliner in addition to the one my father already gifted us (rather, we are babysitting). Everything else in the appartment is glass surfaces. Yall know how I love my glass!!! :-)

Mom is getting along without having me right there to work on the computers, I’m just not sure how WELL she is getting along though :-).

Well, that’s all for now, more on the Cataclism of non-random events that is complicated Life later!